Conditioning unit for polyamide parts JK 1/23 automatic machine

Conditions automatically and requires only little floor space

  • Conditioning either directly at the injection moulding machine or centrally
  • Unbeatable short conditioning time
  • Optimal tuning of the amount of humidity to be absorbed
  • Standard sizes of the conditioning chambers (filler tube) with a volume of either 14, 19 or 23 liters each
  • Other intake capacities possible


Shown is the storage tube in the filling station.
Filling is performed during conditioning process



Here, the transfer of products from the storage tube into the conditioning chamber (filler tube) is shown


The storage tube moves into the filling station.
The conditioning chamber (filler tube) is on its way to the conditioning station.


Drop-out of the readily conditioned items via a drain unit (optional)
The items may either be dropped out into a container or onto a conveyor belt.

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