Compact conditioning unit JK 1/240

jk-1-240-konditionieranlageAboard: steam generators, set of vacuum pumps, Siemens S 7- 300 control system, 2-hand-controlled automatic door, stainless steel chamber with double jacket heating.

Suitable for all PA products that fit into this chamber size.

  • Conditioning at low saturated steam temperatures, e.g. 90 to 105 °C
  • Very short process times
  • Conditioning in closed containers possible (without lid)
  • The products are surface-dry after conditioning
  • Highly consistent conditioning results
  • Useable space dimensions of the chamber: W 700 x H 400 x D 860mm

Chamber with extension to hold 2 KLT containers (small load carriers)
Maximum container size: L 600 x D 400 x H 300mm



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